My Favourite Photograph of 2015

19th January 2016
My favourite photograph of 2015 was of two roosting blue butterflies on a plant.

My knowledge of plants doesn't cover this one! And I have said "blue butterflies" as I am well known for getting my Common Blue mixed with my Chalkhill Blue mixed with my Brown Argus, and as all three occur in the Polden Hills, Somerset where the photograph was taken.

So why am I posting... well not only is it my favourite photograph, it also has a story attached to it.

I had been looking all year for two perfectly presented butterflies to be opposite each other on the same plant or flower, and ideally a male and a female. It was late in August and I had decided on an evening trip up to the site. Luckily, I had been to this site often enough to know the good butterfly areas from the bad. Yes, even butterflies can be choosey about where they live their lives (well their lives are short)!

I arrived on site and had a look around. As expected there were plenty of blue butterflies around. After about 15 minutes I spotted two males roosting opposite each other. Great! Not a male and a female but beggars can not be choosers! So I began setting up. As I was lining the shot up a female flew in and landed between the two males. The perfect shot was now spoilt... decisions, decisions. I waited as the female sorted herself out, when she decided to literally to push one of the males out of the way. The male didn't take too kindly to this and decided to move on, and I was left with my perfect shot! Luck... yes it was! But I was happy.

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