I have always been interested in photography but I really stepped up a level when I turned 40 and my wife sent me on a photography course with a local photographer - Don Bishop. Don taught me how to use the camera in manual and since then a whole new world has opened up to me.

I spent the next 5 years taking photographs of everything and anything trying to establish what I enjoyed taking photographs of. It soon became clear that close-up photography was a real area that I liked and could develop (excuse the pun!). I am very lucky to live in Somerset and very close to the Polden Hills, a real butterfly area!

The last couple of years I have really got to know the Polden Hills and its many nature reserves and now feel very confident of where and when to find butterflies and orchids. I have also got to know my camera and how to set it up to get the results that I like.

I use a Sony DSLR with Sigma lenses either from a tripod (with cable release) or a monopod.

I have also been on a number of landscape courses with Dawn 2 Dusk Photography, a company I can not recommend highly enough. They have helped me to improve my landscape photography and also help me realise that I really love long exposure seascape photography. Thank you Mark and Ross.

Along the way I have made so many great friends and I hope to meet many more new friends as my photography continues.